McDonald’s Warning: Children Suffer Kidney Failure After Eating New Burger

Several people have fallen seriously ill after eating McDonald’s new Bulgogi Burger, including a group of 5-year-old school children and their teacher who suffered kidney failure after eating at the restaurant.

The fast food chain has come under fire after multiple incidents have been reported of severe health issues that are linked to “undercooked” meat in their new burger patty.

The outbreak of illness has occurred in South Korea’s capital Seoul, where McDonald’s has first launched the new burger.

South Korean victims have blamed the health problems on raw meat in their food, including a mother of a young girl who has suffered permanent kidney failure after eating an undercooked patty in a Happy Meal burger, according to Yonhap News Agency.

According to Mirror, a group of primary school children and their teacher also allegedly suffered from kidney failure along with enteritis, which is inflammation of the intestine usually accompanied by diarrhea, after eating McDonald’s Bulgogi Burgers.

The group in the southwestern provincial city, Jeonju, reportedly complained they had suffered the illness after consuming the burgers made with marinated meat at one of the restaurants on August 25.

Despite no official confirmation, the Bulgogi burgers caused illness, McDonald’s has reportedly taken these off the menu.

The Chief Executive of McDonald’s Korea reportedly expressed his regret at customers suffering illnesses after eating at the fast-food restaurant.

In a statement released today, McDonald’s Korea Managing Director Melanie Joh said: “I deeply regret that customers who visited our restaurants may have experienced any related illness,” according to the Korea Herald.

“Working with our entire system, suppliers, and independent experts, we have identified a series of actions we plan to undertake, over time, to enhance and reinforce our food safety procedures.”

The statement also reportedly assured people McDonald’s would be doing a third-party audit of its restaurants.


McDonald’s has removed the Bulgogi Burger from their menu It also promised to implement a food safety hot line and invite customers into kitchens to see the procedures for themselves, the Korea Herald reported.

The statement also said the company would begin twice yearly food safety training for workers.

An investigation has reportedly been launched by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, a South Korean government agency responsible for promoting public health.

“We take this matter very seriously and are cooperating with the government authorities’ investigation to identify the cause of the illness of those who visited the restaurant in Jeonju,” said McDonald’s Korea in a statement.

“We deeply regret that the customers who visited the restaurant in the Jeonju area experienced any illness, and wish the customers a quick recovery.”


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